Our dentist, Dr. Constance E. Smith, treats more than just your smile. Dr. Smith has tools and techniques to help you manage your dental anxiety. Some people may have had a negative experience at a dentist’s office in the past. Others may be uncomfortable with the sounds and smells, or may not like the loss of control. Other reasons for dental anxiety may be concern of pain, or simply that a person feels self-conscious about their smile.

At our office, we make sure that you are comfortable and understand your treatment. We will listen to you and let you direct the way your visit takes place. Our office is a safe environment where there is no judgment of people or the condition of their teeth or mouths. There is no dental shaming and we provide lavender towelettes and essential oils to each patient in every operatory to foster a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Dr. Smith understands a patient’s body language and will always check your comfort level before moving ahead with the treatment. We also provide every patient with the opportunity to relax and center themselves before they begin their appointment.

If you are concerned about dental anxiety in Jackson, Michigan, please contact our office at 517-787-7520 today to talk with us about how we can make your visit a productive and pleasant one.