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By Dr. Constance Smith
October 16, 2018
Category: Dentistry
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Losing your teeth? You can get your smile back. Dentures are removable appliances that can be used to replace missing teeth. Replacing missing teeth with a denture can enhance your smile, help you chew food, improve your speech, and boost your self-confidence. Dr. Constance Smith's dental office, which is located in Jackson, MI, offers state-of-the-art dentures to her patients. Keep reading to find out what types of dentures are available today.

1. Partial Denture- A partial denture is suitable for patients who have some teeth remaining. Partial dentures have a flesh-colored acrylic base, metal framework and clasps that connect to the teeth. This denture will fill in the spaces created by your missing teeth and prevent your existing teeth from drifting out of place. 

2. Complete Denture- A complete denture is suitable for patients who have lost all of their teeth. A complete denture has an acrylic base that fits over your gums. The lower denture has a horseshoe shape to accommodate your tongue. This denture is ready for placement after your teeth have been removed and the tissues have healed, which may take about six months. 

3. Overdenture- An overdenture has an acrylic base and is attached to either two implants or two mini implants. The implants help to stabilize the overdenture in the mouth. The dental implants keep the denture in place and will allow you to go about your daily life with confidence. 

4. Immediate Denture- Immediate dentures are partial or complete dentures that are made in advance. This denture is inserted immediately after your teeth are removed. An immediate denture will protect your gums while you heal and make the transition to permanent dentures easier.

Want a better life? Start with your smile. Call Dr. Constance Smith's dental office at (517) 787-7520 today to schedule a dental consultation in Jackson, MI. Dentures have helped millions of people improve their smiles, boosting their self-esteem and changing their lives. And they will do the same for you.

By Dr. Constance Smith
August 01, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Approximately 120 million people in the US have lost at least one permanent tooth, states the American College of Prosthodontists. Are denturesyou one of them? If so, you have many wonderful options to mitigate the effects tooth loss has on your personal appearance, speech, chewing and self-confidence. Your family dentists in Jackson, MI, Dr. Smith and Dr. Liskiewicz, offer state-of-the-art dentures to fill those smile gaps and restore oral function. The great fit and natural look of dentures from Constance E. Smith DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry definitely will make you smile.

Reasons to replace missing teeth

Dentures fill gaps created by one, more or all teeth when they're lost to extensive tooth decay, periodontitis (gum disease) or oral trauma from a fall, car accident or other mishap. The biggest reason to replace missing teeth is not what you may think. Yes, a smile gap is unsightly, but did you know that other facial changes happen when you lose teeth?

It's true. When you lose teeth, your jaw bone and gums deteriorate and shrink. The height of your bite collapses, altering and aging your facial features. Additionally, tooth loss adversely affects your speech and makes foods difficult to bite, chew and digest properly.

So it just makes sense to consult your family dentist about tooth replacement.

Types of dentures

Today's tried and true tooth replacement option is the denture. Either partial, replacing a few teeth, or full, replacing all the teeth, dentures mimic the appearance and performance of natural teeth. They're made from lifelike acrylic according to precise oral impressions and your family dentist's specific instructions in Jackson.

Specifically, partial dentures resemble a jigsaw puzzle piece, filling gaps on the upper or lower arch as needed. The artificial teeth, or pontics, are mounted on a metal frame and held to adjoining teeth with clasps. Dr. Smith does some enamel reduction on the supporting teeth so the clasps fit securely.

Full dentures come in a couple of different styles, and the dentist helps patients decide which kind is best for their particular situations. Immediate dentures, for instance, are placed right after tooth extraction. As gums and bones recede, however, these artificial teeth must be relined or even replaced to fit properly for the long term.

Conventional full dentures are placed after gums and bone have fully healed. These dentures offer the most precise fit and last for years. For selected patients, full dentures may be anchored with dental implants. Placed in multiples right in the jaw bone, implants create a remarkably stable foundation for both fixed or removable dentures.

Do you need dentures?

Whether you are anticipating extraction, have existing smile gaps or are a current denture wearer, consult the expert staff at Constance E. Smith DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for your denture needs. You can optimize your facial appearance and oral function with the best in dental prosthetics from your family dentist in Jackson, MI. Please call the office to arrange your consultation: (517) 787-7520.

By Dr. Constance Smith
October 25, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Know how to keep your dentures looking and feeling their best for years.

Dentures have certainly come a long way over the centuries and with modern dentistry being as advanced as it is, dentures are denturesbecoming more and more of a reliable way to replace all or most of your missing teeth. Of course, once you get dentures from our Jackson, MI dentist, Dr. Smith and Dr. Liskiewicz, you’ll want to know how to care for them properly to maintain them for many years. Here are some helpful tips for how to keep your dentures feeling their best.

  1. Be sure to always clean dentures after mealtimes. Every time you eat you leave food behind, so make sure to thoroughly but gently rinse out your dentures to dislodge food and other debris from your new teeth.
  2. Anytime you remove your dentures or handle them make sure that you do it over a large, soft towel or a sink filled with water just in case you drop your dentures. While dentures may be made from strong material, they can easily break when dropped on hard surfaces.
  3. Whenever you handle your dentures be gentle with them. After all, they are your new teeth. By being actively cautious whenever you handle your dentures you’ll be less likely to break or bend clasps or attachments.
  4. Brush dentures at least once a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a denture cleaner. If you aren’t sure which products to use to clean your dentures, don’t hesitate to ask our Jackson general dentists.
  5. Make sure to always take out your dentures and soak them overnight. If dentures dry out they can morph out of shape. Before bedtime place them in a denture-soaking solution while you sleep. And before you place your dentures back in your mouth in the morning, make sure you thoroughly rinse them first. These denture solutions contain chemicals that could cause burns or even vomiting if ingested.
  6. Always clean your mouth thoroughly after removing your dentures. You’ll want to brush your mouth twice a day to make sure that gums and other soft tissue remain healthy enough to support your dentures.

Whether you are looking to replace missing teeth or just get a dental checkup, turn to the dentists in Jackson, MI who can make sure that every member of your family gets the quality and unique dental care their smiles deserve.

By Constance E. Smith, D.D.S.
April 04, 2016
Category: Oral Health
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How the right denture can make all the difference in your smile

Everyone deserves a great smile, right? You’re wondering how you can smile again because you are missing your teeth. You can get Denturesyour smile back with the right denture. In fact, you can achieve a brilliant beautiful smile. The right denture is one of the most important decisions you will make about how you look and feel, so don’t make the decision alone. Dr. Constance Smith, your family and cosmetic dentist in Jackson, Michigan wants to help you make the right decision.

Your goals with a denture are simple; you want your denture to look great and fit well. The perfect denture will allow you to eat the foods you love and have confidence when you speak. You need to know the denture looks natural and won’t move around. When you visit Dr. Constance Smith, you will receive state-of-the-art care and get the denture you want.

Dr. Constance Smith wants you to know you have a variety of denture options to choose from depending on your needs and budget. You can choose from:

  • Immediate dentures- created to replace a complete arch of teeth, upper or lower or both; these dentures are placed immediately after tooth extraction, which means you won’t have to live without teeth. You can have a full set of teeth immediately. As your tissue heals, more permanent conventional dentures can be made for you.
  • Conventional dentures- also created to replace an entire arch of teeth, upper or lower or both; these dentures are made after your tissue has healed completely. Conventional dentures take between 6 to 8 weeks and have the advantage of not having two dentures made.
  • Overdentures- created to fit over any remaining tooth roots or over implants; these dentures have the advantage of “locking in place” over supportive tooth roots or implants. Overdentures can also help to preserve the bone in your jaw, giving you a more youthful look and rounding out your face.
  • Removable partials- created to replace a few teeth and not an entire arch; these appliances clasp onto adjacent teeth.

The right denture can give your smile back and more. You will have increased confidence and enhanced self-esteem with the right denture. But don’t go see just anyone, you need the best. That’s why you should call Dr. Constance Smith, your family and cosmetic dentist in Jackson, Michigan. Call her today and get your smile back!

By Constance E. Smith, DDS
June 10, 2015
Category: Dentistry
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If you are missing several teeth or have a severely decayed or broken smile, your Jackson dentist may recommend removable dentures to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Dentures can provide a beautiful, youthful, bright smile that can make you look years younger. DenturesLet’s take a look at some of the benefits of dentures at any age.

Advantages of Dentures

Replace missing or broken teeth – If you’ve lost teeth whether due to decay or injury, dentures can improve your smile and your bite with perfect looking replacement teeth that are likely more aesthetically pleasing than your original natural teeth.

Help with chewing and biting – If you’ve been dealing with lost or broken teeth, you may know how difficult it may be to bite and chew food. Some people experiencing tooth loss may feel they are doomed to a life of soups and soft foods. But dentures provide a stable surface to chew those foods you love.

Easy to care for – Removable dentures are easy to clean and care for. Whether you are missing a few or all of your teeth, oral hygiene is still very necessary. Along with brushing your gums and tongue, dentures are easy to remove so they can be brushed and cleaned. They can also be cleaned and disinfected with an overnight dental soak. Your Jackson dentist will check your dentures at each visit to be sure they are in good shape.

A more youthful appearance – If you are missing your teeth, your cheeks may sink in which gives the appearance of premature aging. But dentures help to fill out your cheeks and jaw to give your skin a more smooth, youthful glow.

If you think you may be a candidate for dentures, talk to your Jackson dentist about your options. Some people may only need an upper or lower denture, and others may simply need a partial denture to fill gaps where some teeth are missing. Dr. Constance E Smith, your family and cosmetic dentist in Jackson, MI can help make you look years younger with a new set of removable dentures. Schedule an appointment for a consultation today.